Fiery minister Mario Murillo continues to appeal for repentance among Californians while the misery created by wokeness and obscured by the media persists. He proclaimed that God would honor the prayers and devotion of the remnant.

"Why is this happening all at once? And why is it happening while Californians are displaying a renewed hunger for Christ?" he pondered on Wednesday.

Murillo noted that the Leftist agenda in California had cost the state thousands of jobs and driven tens of thousands of people out. For the first time in the state's existence, California would lose a congressional seat and an Electoral College vote. Many people believe that if the current pattern persists, California will even turn red.

Nonetheless, Murillo pointed to a promise in Isaiah 44:2-8. This promise to Israel applies to all believers now, and it stands true. The God who took care of the faithful in the olden times is more than capable of vindicating His people at present.

"What a weekend! Do the headlines of the last few days reveal the judgment of God on the Woke?" he wrote.

"The unholy trinity of Woke is Racism, Hypocrisy, and Tyranny," revealed the preacher. "Until now it could hide behind frightened corporations and the blind faith of the media. But the veil was torn in two this weekend in California."

Among the headlines he cited were about the following:

Lebron James' failed outburst

NBA player Lebron James raged about and insulted a cop who shot a 16-year-old Afro-American teen who was rushing at people with a knife. His outburst backfired but it raised awareness about "woke-racism" to millions of viewers.

Woke's bigotry was confirmed by the tweet posted by LeBron James. After tweeting and then deleting what was meant to be a message to the Ohio police officer who fatally shot a young black girl who seemed to be about to stab someone.

The all-caps tweet from James read, 'YOU'RE NEXT.' It featured an hourglass emoji as well as the hashtag #ACCOUNTABILITY.

However, in the short video clip caught by a body camera, it showed that the assailant was about to stab another girl who had her back pressed against a vehicle in the split seconds before she was shot down by the police.

Murillo observes that the "only facts that mattered to Lebron is that it was a cop, and he was white. Never mind the black life the officer saved."

The Oscars' dismal ratings

The Oscars' dismal ratings proved that America is over the "hypocritical Hollywood elitists" who keep promoting "hatred" towards former President Donald Trump, America, and liberty.

The 2021 version of the Oscars experienced a 58.3 percent ratings drop from last year. Previously, the lowest total viewership for any Oscars was 23.6 million in 2020. This year, fewer than 10 million people - 9.85 million to be exact - tuned

"Even so, Wokeness never learns," commented Murillo. "The hypocrites called for defunding the police at an event heavily guarded by police."

Newsom's upcoming shutdown

The signatures on the recall petition have been verified, and Gov. Gavin Newsom will shortly face recall for his "tyrannical mishandling" of the pandemic shutdown, as well as his efforts to close down Christianity.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is being recalled after failing to keep schools open and sending his children to private school. A spokesman for the recall said that frustrated parents are a key part of the effort and that 300,000 of the 1.4 million signatories were Democrats.

Additionally, Newsom has lost two major Supreme Court battles.

"He proved that the agenda of the Woke is solidly against the Constitution of the United States," said Murillo of Newsom's previous anti-church stances.

These things, Murillo noted, is creating a "misery" that results in a "hunger" for none other than God. While things don't sound perfectly well at face value, good things are happening beneath the surface. The shaking simply acts as a sign that God is responding to the prayers of the faithful.

"First of all, God is rewarding the prayers and obedience of the remnant of God. Second of all, Wokeness creates misery. It took a while for that misery to be blamed on Wokeness because of the camouflage of the media. And finally, this is simply God's time for the people of California to return to Him!"