A pro-choice doctor took to Twitter to accuse a pro-life center for kidnapping a woman and forcing her to push through with her unwanted pregnancy.

A Missouri OB-GYN earlier this month accused an unnamed "crisis pregnancy center," more known as pro-life centers, of kidnapping a woman who wished to have an abortion. In a series of 17 tweets posted to Twitter, Dr. Amy Addante, who was raised in Chicago and trained in St. Louis, Missouri, recounted how a "sobbing patient" was "traumatized by a crisis pregnancy center (CPC)."

Dr. Addante described these pro-life centers as "fake health centers ran by predominantly religious right groups whose goal is to dissuade patients from having an abortion" and facilities that "masquerade as women's health providers and target women seeking an abortion."

The Missouri OB-GYN explained that a patient came to her distraught over her experience in one of the many pro-life centers in the area. The patient, who was determined to terminate her pregnancy, shared how the facility forced her to have an ultrasound, called her "mommy" the entire time, and spoke to a "counselor" who said she should pray and that the pro-life center's staff would pray for her too.

Dr. Addante, who is an abortionist doctor, proceeded to share unsubstantiated kidnapping claims, saying that her patient was "locked in a room with her ultrasound video on loop while they continued to berade and guilt her into continuing a pregnancy that she knew she did not want to."

Staff at the pro-life center also allegedly lied to the patient about how far along she was into the pregnancy. The abortionist doctor recounted how her "traumatized" patient was held hostage for "hours" and was only let go when she agreed to accept a package of baby products.

The abortionist doctor who insisted on unsubstantiated kidnapping claims did not disclose the location or the name of the supposed pro-life center, making many wonder how much truth there was to her statements. It was also unclear if she called the authorities on this matter. She did however, proudly share that she provided abortion services to her "traumatized" patient.

Pro-life advocate Petra Wallenmeyer of Heartbeat International spoke to the Western Journal about the abortionist doctor's unsubstantiated kidnapping claims, saying that it was merely a "sob story" that people were expected to believe "merely because she's a doctor."

"In reality she was just regurgitating disproven pro-choice talking points," Wallenmeyer accused the abortionist doctor. Another questionable "fact" from Dr. Addante's story is how the patient consulted a doctor that she had no previous history with "while in a state of distress or trauma," licensed counselor Robin Atkins said in an email to the Journal.

Atkins argued that the patient should have had access to "compassionate counseling" before making such a "life altering decision." Atkins countered that an abortionist doctor such as Dr. Addante is not a trained therapist and that there is a "built in conflict of interest in this scenario."

According to the Guttmacher Institute, Missouri saw an 8% decline in abortion rates from 2014 to 2017. Missouri abortion makes up only 0.5% of all abortions in the U.S.