Amy Grant collaborated with a number of Christian authors and artists for a project that offers an album, book and tours.

The Faithful Project showcases the faithfulness of God to the women of the Bible. Its inception was made before the pandemic, in the winter of 2019.

In an interview with The Christian Post (CP), Grant said that the project incorporates all women in general, regardless of their societal status.

"I think every different perspective in a story adds to the whole picture. Whether it's a minority, a disenfranchised group, a silent group, we need all the voices to speak. That was one theme that we kept coming back to during our gatherings. We weren't trying to elevate women at the expense of anybody else but with the message, 'We are one,' and 'We are one' includes everybody," she said.

Grant also shared that some of the stories featured are "tragic" stories but play vital part in the culture's history.

"There were some stories of women picked out that were so obscure ... and they were not all 'glory stories,' some were so tragic, but each story played a very important role in the history of this culture, and it was important enough for her story to be remembered," the singer said.

She went on by saying that the women's stories in the Bible were illustrated in the way in which it would connect with the people of today.

"With this project, we are taking time to think about these women's lives and what it meant. Any time we listen to the past empathetically, when we try to connect organically to the people speaking (from the Bible) we ask, 'What does that say to us now?'" Grant explained.

Grant wrote the book's introduction, as well as the song of Mary Magdalene. The authors include Lisa Harper, Ann Voskamp, Ruth Chou Simons, Sarah Macintosh, Ginny Owens, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Amanda Bible Williams, Raechel Myers, Kelly Needham, Trillia Newbell and Savannah Locke.

Grant also performed the tune, together with Ellie Holcomb. Other artists include Leslie Jordan, Sandra McCracken, Christy Nockels, Sarah Kroger, Tamar Chipp, Christa Wells, Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt and Janice Gaines.

Kelly Minter contributed both as an author and as an artist.

"Faithful" was published by David C. Cook. The project hosted a livestream event on May 1.

An exclusive excerpt from the book written by Newbell was shared with CP. It tells about the story of Ruth and Naomi.

The author stated that through the story, she has learned to be hopeful in the face of tragedy, knowing that God is faithful to carry out redemption for those who trust in Him.

She pointed out that God has always been beside her during the trials, experiencing His faithfulness and steadfast love.

Citing Paul's statement in Romans 5:3, wherein the apostle said that "suffering produces endurance," Newbell stated that "a great deal" of her learning was trusting the Lord with her future. She also realized that through her sorrows, she has learned to cling on God as her Savior.

"Paul concludes this text by reminding us that our hope will not put us to shame," she further wrote.

In conclusion of the excerpt, the author said that mankind are currently living in a world where "the curse" affects all aspects of their lives. Though people have different perspectives on death and tragedy, which vary in accordance with experience, they "are not walking alone."

"God is with us and for us; He is on our side," she declared.

Newbell is also the author of several books, such as "If God Is For Us," "Sacred Endurance" and "Fear and Faith."