"High impact" pro-life groups reportedly received a financial boost for campaigns they undertook against the abortion industry during awarding ceremonies at the National Prayer Luncheon for life.

The Christian Post reported that three pro-life organizations were awarded $85,000 in grants during the said event held at the Gaylord Texan National Resort & Convention Center. One of those awarded was Students for Life America, who bagged the first prize. The event was held on-site and online to enable pro-life activists from across America to join the event.

According to a press release on the event posted on April 19, the National Prayer Luncheon for Life intends to bring American pro-lifers to "pray, unite, save lives" and "cast their vote for the winner of the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award", which was staged until April 23, 2021. The National Prayer Luncheon also aims that pro-lifers "pray and to honor high-impact pro-life groups" during the event that was set last April 30.

"The five nominees for the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award have been selected for their demonstrated significant, quantifiable impact and measurable successes in saving lives and winning battles against the abortion industry," explained Heroic Media Vice President of Culture Karen Garnett in the press release.

The first prize winner of the Pro-Life Impact Award, as per the press release, will "receive a $50,000 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Grant." The second and third price will receive the same grant but for the amounts of $20,000 and $15,000, respectively. Thus, totaling $85,000 in grants.

"The pro-life organizations nominated for the 2021 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award and Pro-Life Impact Grants are: And Then There Were None, Focus on the Family, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Students for Life of America, and Susan B. Anthony List," the press release revealed.

The Christian Post added that Garnett launched the "new vision for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life" during the luncheon. The new vision involved "researching" and "helping to educate and raise awareness of really impactful, effective pro-life organizations who are making a big difference moving the ball down the field."

Garnett said, as per Christian Post, that this was what they actually did the previous year for the Luncheon's Award nominees. Heroic Media, which produces and publishes the Pro-Life magazine "four times a year," reached out and researched, as well as, learned about what pro-life organizations are doing through in-depth reviews.

The magazine helps "raise their profiles" while helping people better understand what the said organizations are doing and their actual status through "measurable results" that are reported and make "a significant impact." She said that for 2021 they chose five nominees that were featured in the magazine.

In addition, Garnett also revealed plans for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Awards for 2022. She said they will "open up the nominations process" to the entire country since there are "small town" pro-life organizations "no one's heard of" yet do demonstrate "significant, measurable impact." For the 2022 nominees, the decision will solely come from the votes of pro-life activists unlike this year where nominees are picked by the Luncheon's officials.

"We're not the ones making the decision about who gets the Pro-Life Impact Award and the three Pro-Life Impact Grants," she highlighted. "We put that out to pro-life America, for you all to go on our website, read about each one of them, read about the statistics that they are returning, pray about it and let the Holy Spirit make the decision."

As per the event's Facebook Page, And Then There Were None won the 2nd Prize while the Sidewalk Advocates For Life won the third Prize.