The "American Renewal Project's" David Lane published an insightful article on cultural Marxism's covert manifestations as health and safety policies.

 "The supposed health and safety of Americans turns out to be merely godless cultural Marxism's common mode of framing its warfare on the culture, "writes David Lane for Charisma News.

He wrote it in response to government officials' relentless repetition of ostensibly health and safety procedures.

Starting with the facemask mandate, he cited Dr. Linda Johnston, MD who said that "the coronavirus is about 100 nanometers in diameter. Cloth mask 'holes' are 1,000 times larger than a virus. An analogy is used that a mask is like a mosquito getting through a chain-link fence. It's actually much worse, it's a mosquito getting through a chain-link fence with holes 14 yards in diameter."

Dr. Johnston's conclusion was confirmed in an article written by the National Center for Biotechnology Information [NCBI]. The NCBI is a branch of the National Library of Medicine [NLM] at the National Institutes of Health [NIH], which was established in November 1988.

The essay was written by Baruch Vainshelboim, who has a Ph.D. in clinical exercise physiology in pulmonary rehabilitation and is well-versed when it comes to the effects of masks on health.

Dr. Vainshelboim writes that "the physical properties of medical and non-medical facemasks suggest that facemasks are ineffective to block viral particles due to their difference in scales."

He explained that the virus SARS-CoV-2 has a diameter of 60 nm to 140 nm [nanometers-billionths of a meter], while the thread diameter of medical and non-medical facemasks varies from 55 m to 440 m [micrometers-one millionth of a meter], which is more than 1000 times wider. As a result of the size difference between SARS-CoV-2 diameter and facemask thread diameter, SARS-CoV-2 can easily pass through every facemask (the virus is 1000 times smaller).

In terms of breathing physiology, Dr. Vainshelboim pointed out that the "acute significant deficit in O2 [hypoxemia] and increased levels of CO2 [hypercapnia] even for a few minutes can be severely harmful and lethal, while persistent hypoxemia and hypercapnia induce health decline, exacerbation of existing diseases, morbidity, and eventually mortality."

Lane noted that while solely adhering to the values of real research, the scientific paper did not find favor with Dr. Anthony Fauci's brand of pseudoscience, which has been blindly adopted by media outlets and "most blue state governors and mayors."

Jeffrey A. Tucker and Jenin Younes published an essay in support of the medical journal stating that it "is consistent with vast amounts of the consensus at this time last year, before the orthodoxy suddenly changed, and the evidence that has accumulated during the past 12 months.

They questioned how the media and science papers agreed in a matter of months that the effectiveness of the procedure should not be questioned or tested, nor its negative consequences addressed, given that "masking of healthy populations" for lengthy stretches of time is a new strategy.

With regard to COVID-19 vaccines, Lane highlighted New York Attorney General Letitia James and Connecticut Attorney General William Tong's opinion piece in The Washington Post of April 8, 2021, titled, "Anti-vaxxers put us all at risk. Facebook and Twitter must ban them."

James complained that a lot of anti-vaccine disinformation is going uncorrected on social media, putting millions of Americans' health at risk. She proposed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey interfere by silencing the outspoken minority 'spreading false news.'

Attorney Generals Tong and James say anti-vaxxers are targeting people of color with social media posts.

To this Lane comments that their political correctness is a derivative of cultural Marxism that destabilizes and disbands the culture. He said that the pagan culture has been completely ensnared by Marxism's idolatrous ideology and fringe worldview. Furthermore, the U.S. education system has been taken over by the incorrect ideology of political correctness.

Additionally, the two blue-state politicians' call for censorship of free speech violates First Amendment rights, Lane writes. The Constitution prohibits them from limiting free speech through threats of adverse government action.

But in response to these to these lawmakers' accusations that those who express alternative views on vaccines are just promoting false information, Lane presented the facts laid down by Dr. Steven F. Hotze, MD [born 1950], founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Physicians Preference Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International LLC.

"COVID 19 experimental gene therapy does not meet the CDC's own definition of what a vaccine is. It does not provide immunity or prevent the spread of the disease by referring to this therapy as a vaccine," he said.

Dr. Hotze also confirmed unequivocally what most people suspect. That by calling the shots "vaccines," "the pharmaceutical companies are attempting to shield themselves because vaccine injuries or deaths are exempted by law from any product liability lawsuits."

Rather than embracing the so-called "vaccine," Dr. Hotze recommends taking simple fitness measures and allowing normal herd immunity to evolve naturally.

"It has been demonstrated in studies around the world that the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine can safely prevent and treat the COVID 19 infection. Of course, it's important for you to strengthen your immune system with vitamin and mineral supplementation, healthy eating, natural hormone replenishment treatment of allergies, exercise, and a good night's sleep and maintaining your ideal body weight," he said.

"Aside from that, let's allow that this virus to just run its course in society so that we can develop herd immunity, which is far safer and much more effective than this experimental gene therapy could ever be."

On the panic and mass hysteria created by government health bureaucrats, the media and politicians, Dr. Hotze said that it's "all about control, power and money."

Lane, who has written extensively on the topic, argues that "those who are deceived can be challenged." He concluded that this is consistent with the ideals of America's founding fathers who understood that what children study is the grand pivot on which long-term democracy and liberty depend, highlighting the value of a biblically centered education system.