Local police officers in Afghanistan opened fire on a bird suspected to be carrying an improvised explosive device, according to NBC News.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning in Faryab province, a place constantly ravaged by violent operations carried out by Taliban forces.

According to Major General Abdul Nabi Ilham of the provincial police force, members of the law enforcement department spotted the bird walking on a highway. It immediately caught their attention since it is uncommon to see that type of bird in the region.

Moreover, an antenna was attached to its body. The police officers shot the animal that caused it to explode and scatter metal debris on the highway.

Upon approaching the bird, the law enforcers noticed that the animal was carrying various electronic devices.

"We are gathering all the stuff, but found parts of what looks like to be GPS and a small camera," Ilham told NBC News.

Aside from surveillance tools, a closer inspection on the animal revealed that it had components that are usually used to make bombs. Officers noted that the bird was wearing a rig with a mobile phone detonator. Several strands of wires were also found coming out of its feathers, Daily Mail reported.

Given the unusual package carried by the bird, police officers suspected that the animal was sent by enemy enforcers to survey the area.

Despite the bizarre notion behind the bomb-carrying bird, NBC noted that due to the current condition of the region, this is not the first time an animal was used as an improvised weapon.

In July of this year, Hamas militants resorted to cruel and unusual tactics as its conflict with Israeli troops intensified in Gaza, according to Philly.

During the firefight, the militants reportedly used a donkey and attached explosive devices to its body. The animal was then pushed to walk towards the Israeli soldiers.

After seeing the bombs on the animal, the soldiers shot at the donkey and detonated the explosives before it was able to reach their camp.