Now that Christmas is just a few days away, almost everyone is done with their holiday shopping. But since it is the holidays, crimes seem to happen here and there. Christmas was nearly ruined by a burglar for the Cuenca-Orzunas in New York, but an act of kindness from the NY Police saved it.

Maria Cuenca was running errands, while Rogelio Orzuna was at work when the robbery took place. What she saw after she got back at their home in White Plains, NY broke her heart.

"The door was pried open, all the lights were on and our clothes were thrown all over the floor. Then I saw that all of the presents were gone, and my heart just broke," Cuenca said.

A burglar stole the family's presents under the Christmas tree, including gifts and toys for the children; even the piggy banks were not spared by the thief. When Lopez arrived at the family's home, all the children were in tears.

When local cops heard about this, they realized they can't just do nothing.

"I was very angry about this. I have kids and grandchildren myself, so I can imagine what the Orzunas must have felt when their kids' presents were stolen," Detective German Lopez shares.

What Lopez and his colleagues did is they passed around a hat to help the family. They were able to collect $1500 worth of gift cards and toys, with the help of their union. Chief of Police James Bradley and Public Safety Commissioner David Chong also pitched in to help.

"To be burglarized is bad enough. To have it happen during Christmas, and to take presents away from seven kids, is a double whammy. We wanted to make sure there was a happy ending and a happy Christmas for this family. To see the smiles and their faces this morning made it all worth it," White Plains Police Benevolent Association President Robert Riley said.

The Orzuna-Cuencas are very grateful for the act of kindness. Cuenca said in an interview that their Christmas is not ruined and still cannot believe what the local police did for their family.