An unidentified female detonated a bomb inside a police station in Istanbul on Tuesday, which led to the death of a police officer and the injury of another. The suspect was also killed in the apparent suicide bombing attack, Irish Times reported.

The alleged suicide bomber directed the attack to a police station Sultanahmet, a popular tourist destination. The area is located near the museum called Hagia Sophia, which used to be an imperial mosque but now functions as a museum, and the Blue Mosque, a historic place in Istanbul.

The incident temporarily halted transportation services, particularly in the famous Sultanahmet square. It was later resumed after the area was properly secured.  

Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin disclosed that minutes prior to the detonation of the bomb, the woman approached the building of the tourism police officers and sought help in finding her allegedly misplaced wallet.

No other information was gathered by the officials except for the description that the bomber spoke English, but exhibited a "thick accent" and was seen wearing a niqab. Other witnesses described the suicide bomber to have communicated with them in "badly accented English."

The woman, whose identity and nationality are yet to be determined by the investigating officers, subsequently detonated the explosive device she was presumed to be carrying around inside the guard cabin, which was positioned near the entrance of the police station.

According to Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, there were two other explosive devices found in the area. These were immediately disarmed by the responding officers. Davutoglu then extended his gratitude to the police for their prompt response and action that ensured that no more bloodshed will occur that day in the city.

"Our heroic security forces sacrificed themselves in order to prevent that there were even more victims. Two other bombs were disarmed. We ordered a thorough investigation," announced the prime minister.

The police officer who died due to the suicide bomber's attack was Kenan Kumas. He is survived by his wife and his two-month old baby. Sahin disclosed that Kumas died in an Istanbul hospital after incurring multiple critical wounds. The other police officer wounded in the attack remains in the hospital and is in stable condition.

"I wish God's mercy upon our brother Kenan Kumas and my condolences to the family of our heroic police officer," imparted Davutoglu.