(Photo : Courtesy of School for Future Leaders)
A group of 19 Korean teenagers is participating in a month-long program of experiencing and learning American culture, but also receiving spiritual training.

19 Korean Christian youths from Korea came to stay at Los Angeles for a month to not only experience American culture, but also receive spiritual training. The program is called ‘School for Future Leaders’ (SFL). There are numerous programs offered from Korea that allows youth to tour the U.S. and experience American culture, but SFL offers an emphasis on spiritual training. The program includes visits to major universities and churches, as well as early dawn prayer meetings and late night worship sessions. The students also visit campuses with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (Los Angeles) to share the gospel.

Leading this program is Han-Sung Chae, worship leader, songwriter, and producer. Chae is well-known for his work as musical director at Christian Television System (CTS)’s program, ‘Worship Korea,’ in which Korean worship leaders visit various places all over the world and hold worship concerts. Chae also released three of his own albums of worship music, and wrote some 70 worship songs.

Chae shared in the vision of Han-Kyu Choi, who leads the Jesus Film project at Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (South Korea), to train and raise up the next generation. The two thought of and planned this spiritual leadership program together.

(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Han-Sung Chae is one of those leading the month-long School for Future Leaders program for Korean youth.

“At first I also wondered what the connection might be between my ministry in leading worship and this ministry of raising up the young generation, but I realized I was able to use music as another tool to worship together with these youth, and plant in them a greater vision and spiritual perspective,” Chae shared. “I’m so encouraged to see some of the students already being transformed and having a new perspective regarding their lives.”

This group of young students arrived in the U.S. on January 8, and will be leaving on February 7. Each of these students had to spend up to $3,000 to be a part of this program, which also included the airfare. Currently, the organizers of the program said that they are lacking funds to continue with all that they had planned for their month-long stay.

"We knew that our plans were a little large-scale from the beginning, but it was because through the program, we wanted to experience the richness of our God,” Chae shared. “For those who have a heart for the younger generation, any amount of offering to raise these students up would be appreciated.”