Prayer movement
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Numerous Korean Christian leaders have felt the need to continue expanding the prayer movement interceding on behalf of the nation, and decided to hold prayer meetings in various different cities throughout the country.

Korean church leaders have officially begun an intercessory prayer movement for the nation. The Korean Christian Council in America (KCCA) and the Jesus Awakening Movement of America (JAMA) will be leading “The United Prayer Movement of Local Churches for the City and for America” in various cities in the nation, starting in Orange County, to Dallas, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Seattle.

These two organizations have set out on the vision to expand the prayer movement that began at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre during the 11/11 “A Line in the Sand” prayer meeting to all of the Korean Christians throughout the nation. The first such event to begin the movement will take place on January 22 to 24 at Grace Ministries International (GMI), with the theme, “Heal Our Land.” The event will feature speakers including Pastor Joon Kwon from Community Church of Seattle, Pastor In-Soo Jung from Korean Community Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, and Pastor Nam-Soo Kim from Promise Church of New York.

The prayer meeting at GMI will begin on the night of the 22nd and end on the night of the 24th, and will include early morning prayer meetings at 5:30 AM each morning in between, and every night at 7 PM. Prayer segments after the sermon at each session will include topics such as the spiritual revival of the U.S. and the city, the spiritual revival of Korea, the spiritual revival of the younger generation, and a greater missional movement.

“We were able to see all of the churches unite together in prayer at the 11/11 A Line in the Sand prayer movement,” remarked Ki-Dong Kim, the president of the Council of Korean Churches in Orange County, “and we want to see that same unity as we try to expand that fire of prayer throughout the country. Let’s see the fire that God has already brought forth to burn even more brightly.”

The group who led intercessory prayer for the “A Line in the Sand” prayer movement has also continuously been praying for this particular event two hours every day.