Duck Dynasty Wife Says More Christians On TV, the Better

Jessica, wife of the youngest Duck Dynasty family member Jep Robertson, believes that it would do television a lot of good to feature more Christians in reality TV.

"The more Christian shows out there, the more good influence we have, the better," she said in an interview with Christianity Today.

Jessica admitted that being in television meant that "you're giving away a huge portion of your time and your life" and considers it a huge sacrifice. But it helps to have a family that remains down to earth and faithful to God.

"We all keep each other grounded, and I don't think anybody's changed in a negative way. I feel like we have this huge opportunity and platform to share our faith and our love with people. That's what I hope what everyone sees about us, the Robertsons, that we really love each other and we love our neighbor, and we love God most of all," she said.

Mrs. Robertson also considers it important to be surrounded with Christian people. She cited her sisters-in-law as examples, since they share same beliefs and values.

"One thing I encourage people is that it's not all on you. It takes a village, and I think you need to put your children around other Christian people because when you're not there or your eyes are not on your children, you know that they're enforcing the same rules and the same guidelines that you have," she said.

She feels comfortable to leave her children with Korie and Kay, because she is assured that they will maintain the same moral standards she has set on them. "I know that they're not going to let them get away with anything, and they're going to enforce good values for them," she noted.

Jessica considers herself blessed to have positive influences in her life. When she was first married to Jep, she said they encountered several obstacles and she had no clue how to deal with them.

"The women who have mentored me have helped me realize there is always hope and you never give up on marriage or on your walk with Christ," she shared. And Jessica wants to inspire other women the same way her mentors did to her.

"I'm really hoping I can encourage the young people to get out of their comfort zones and sign up for these things," she added, referring to Heart to Home Conference, a women's ministry and mentorship program where the Duck Dynasty wives are set to speak next month.

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