'The Crew’ Patch Improves Gameplay Glitches, Adds New Content

The Crew
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Ubisoft detailed through "The Crew" website the features of the game's latest patch.

The patch, which will be released on Thursday, will fix several glitches in the game as well as provide new game play content.

One of the issues that will be fixed by the patch is related to the game's statistics system. Previously, players complained that the game incorrectly displayed their performance-based stats.

For the game's online mode, the patch will eliminate problems preventing players from joining races. It will also improve the matchmaking system by shortening the time it takes for the game to search for players.

Ubisoft also addressed certainly problems players have been experiencing with some of the game's cars. Most of these problems are related to the handling of the vehicles. The developer noted that these will be fixed through the patch.

The cars mentioned by Ubisoft are the Bentley Continental GT, Cadillac Escalade, Abartha 500, Alfa Romeo 4C, Hummer H1 Alpha, Mini Cooper S and the Lamborghini Murcielago. Aside from the handling and performance issues, the patch will also improve the game's fame rate for the cars' cockpit view.

The artificial intelligence of police cars during chase missions and that of opponent cars will also be tweaked through the patch. The aggressiveness of enemy cars will be toned down for a fairer game play experience.

A glitch in the game which allows some players to take advantage of the on the side-barriers by driving on it will also be fixed.

As for the new content, the patch will add a new player-versus-player elimination mode as well as 10 new race tracks. Four new missions for factions will also arrive for the patch.

Ubisoft's latest racing-themed open-world video game debuted on Dec. 2 of last year. It was released for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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