Just days after Taya Kyle testified in tears at the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, who was charged for shooting and killing her husband, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, she shared an inspirational message on Facebook.

Despite recent hardships and trials, Taya’s message overflowed with nothing but hope, love and gratitude.

“We all suffer,” she wrote on the official Facebook page for Chris Kyle. “It’s part of life. The blessing is- while evil exists, Divinity does too and it is stronger.”

At 38, Chris was recognized as the most competent sniper in U.S. history, having survived after being assigned to Iraq four times. He was shot and killed in a Texas gun range last February 12, 2013 while he was attempting to help Routh, a fellow veteran purportedly suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Routh has been charged for killing not only Chris but also his friend, Chad Littlefield. The 27-year-old’s trial commenced last February 11 while ‘American Sniper’ was still being shown in cinemas worldwide.

The blockbuster film, which revolved around the life story of Chris as drawn out from his bestselling autobiography in 2012, has already raked in various awards and set huge records at the local and global box office.

“This weekend, I feel blessed to know that I will see Chris again someday,” Taya further wrote on her Facebook post. “I feel blessed I had the opportunity to be his wife, to learn from him and love him. I feel blessed to know the support of many and the ignorance of few.”

As she went on with her Valentine’s message, Taya also wrote that prayers will bring the right person into one’s life. She further shared: “Pray for the woman or man who has a particular quality you feel you need more than anything else and watch God bring him or her in His time. Have faith.”

She also mentioned her gratitude towards God for the people in her lives, including Chris, their children and their family and friends.

Taya went on to thank the Lord for changing her for the better, thus she is “forever grateful.”

She concluded her message by writing, “God Bless you friends, Taya.”