"Anita Ho": A Korean Man Meets His Chinese Girlfriend's Family, and a Comedic Journey Begins

Anita Ho
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Many an audience may have seen movies of love stories that portray a man tenaciously pursuing the woman of his dreams through seemingly impossible obstacles. But perhaps not many have seen it in an Asian American family setting, particularly that which involves a Korean man and a Chinese family.

“Anita Ho” is a romantic comedy featuring the love story of Harry Ho, a writer, and Anita, a famous actress, and the comic process of Harry trying to win the approval of Anita’s family, who have very specific and demanding standards for Anita’s husband-to-be (“He’s not Chinese?” “How much did you make on your W-2 last year?”). As Harry prepares for marriage with Anita by preparing for the proposal and meeting her family, he comes across unexpected debacles that get in the way of the future with Anita that he dreams of.

The story, which the directors endearingly describe as "Meet the Parents Asian style," is actually based on that of the directors, Lina So Myung and Steve Myung.

“We wanted to share a bit of our own story, and show a love story that’s different from what might be shown in mainstream,” Lina So Myung said.

The film features Lina and Steve Myung acting as the main characters; George Chung and Elizabeth Sung as Anita’s parents; Brian Yang as another suitor after Anita; and the film includes other featured performances by Jonathan “Dumbfoundead” Park, James To, Becky Wu, and Kenneth Waymack, Jr.

“Anita Ho” won numerous awards including “Best Narrative Feature” and “Best Director” awards at the NYLA International Film Festival in 2012, and “Top Applause Award” at the International Family Film Festival in 2013.

Those in the Los Angeles area can watch it on the big screen at the Laemmle Theater in Pasadena from February 27 to March 5, and the film will also be available on Netflix and at Walmart and Blockbuster stores nationwide.

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