Korean Seminarians Come Together to Intercede for the Nation and World

Seminarians prayer meeting
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Individuals from 8 seminaries and 5 ministries came together to pray for the nation and world on February 21.

Korean seminarians who are studying in the southern California region have been gathering every month to pray for world missions, the U.S., Korea, Korean reunification, and various other topics. These prayer gatherings started last month, and some of those who meet include individuals from Fuller Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Talbot School of Theology of Biola University, Azusa Pacific Seminary, Shepherd University’s School of Theology, Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America (PTSA), Grace Mission University, World Mission University, and others. Other than seminarians, members from ministries such as Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC), Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA), Christian Marriage and Family Ministries (CMFM), Firecrusade, and Mizpah Prayer Team are also participants of the monthly meetings.

February 21st was the second such monthly meeting, and took place at Calvary Chapel in Biola University. The meeting started at 1 PM and ended at 7 PM. The total that was registered at 1 PM was already 120 people.

After a sermon by Reverend Yohan Choi, who leads Namseoul Vision Community Church in Korea, intense hours of prayer and praise followed. Students from Shepherd University led prayers on world missions, Mizpah Prayer Team led prayers on North Korea, and students from Azusa Pacific led prayers on Israel. KCCC and Firecrusade led the attendees into a time of worship, and prayer resumed soon after. Students from Talbot interceded for the U.S., those from PTSA interceded for Korea, those from Grace Mission University prayed for southern California, and those from Golden Gate prayed for the church and spiritual leaders. JAMA and CMFM prayed for the younger generation, seminarians, and families. The meeting concluded with a time of commitment and dedication for those who are serving in various settings, as a send-off to their various contexts of ministry.

It’s significant to note that these Korean seminary students have been going beyond the differences between their various schools to unite with each other as well as various other ministries in order to intercede for the nation and the world.

"This is a prayer gathering for those who are hungering for God and His revival to come once again to this land,” said the organizers. “Now is the time that we need to pray for ourselves, our family, church, society, nation, and all peoples. Every one of us has to come before Him and repent and cry out to Him,” they emphasized.

Seminarians prayer meeting
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Of those who attended the prayer meeting included Reverend Ezra Kang (left), the president of JAMA, Pastor Joshua Kang (center) from JAMA, and Shalom Kim (right) from Shepherd University.

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