Phyllis Sortor
(Photo : FACEBOOK)

Phyllis Sortor (71), a missionary who had been abducted by a group of armed men in central Nigeria in late February, is confirmed to have been released and has returned to the United States.

“We thank God Phyllis Sortor, Free Methodist missionary to Nigeria, was safely released today, Friday, March 6, early evening Nigeria time, into the care of authorities and Free Methodist Church leaders,” the Free Methodist Church, of which Sortor is a member, said in a statement.

Sortor was kidnapped by a group of armed men while she was at Hope Academy, at which she was working as a financial administrator, located in Kogi state. The group has been suspected to be a criminal gang, and requested $300,000 in ransom for Sortor’s release. No reports have stated whether the ransom had been paid to secure her release.

“As a matter of sound policy, and to help protect the many, many people who helped secure Phyllis’ freedom, we will have no comment concerning the efforts that were undertaken to secure her release,” the Free Methodist Church stated.

“Please continue to pray for Phyllis as she processes the ordeal she has faced,” the church continued. “Also pray for Phyllis’ family members who have been profoundly affected by this experience. We are reaching out to them and will continue to minister to them in the days ahead.”

Sortor has been involved with mission work in Nigeria for 15 years, and has helped to establish multiple Christian schools there.