Africa Water
(Photo : Sang-Dong Kim)
Women and children in many parts of Africa usually walk miles to acquire clean drinking water for themselves and their families.

Somang Society, alongside Geun-Sun Park, a missionary who has been serving in Africa, helped to build 238 wells and three schools for children in Africa. Park expressed his gratitude toward Somang Society--a non-profit that has focused on building wells and also does work to help the Korean elderly in southern California--in being able to participate in this work and provide clean drinking water for some 200,000 people.

Women and children in many parts of Africa must walk long distances in order to acquire water from the wells. Not only does this process endanger them in various ways, but it also requires them to dedicate long periods of time in their daily lives simply in order to acquire drinking water. Hence, providing a clean water well for a village not only provides the water, but also secures their time and safety. Somang thus decided to build schools for the children who no longer have to walk for long periods of time to provide an education for them.

Park Geun-Sun
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Geun-Sun Park, a missionary in Africa, shared his testimonies from over 10 years of ministry.

On March 18, Park shared his gratitude and testimonies with supporters of Somang Society. Park shared the difficulties and trials that he faced as a missionary since he began his ministry in 2001, and also shared the testimonies of the great changes that one well brings to a village.

At the event, Somang Society and Park also reaffirmed their partnership in continuing to build water wells in Chad and educating children through the schools.