Hillsong Performs at Toronto Concert
(Photo : Camille King/Flickr/CC)
Hillsong United performed at a Toronto concert on May 2005.

Hillsong United released a new movie trailer for the 2015 film ‘Let Hope Rise’ on Tuesday, March 24. Hillsong United is a Christian band that traces its origins to Hillsong Church in Australia. The church has more than 100,000 attendees.

The movie, which premiers in theaters on Sept. 30, explains the journey of how a humble Christian youth band became world famous. An average of 50 million people worldwide sing Hillsong’s music every Sunday at church.

"The only thing that matters about our story is that everything that we do represents the heart of God," Hillsong pastor Brian Houston said in the Youtube trailer.

The members of the band are all volunteers or staff of Hillsong church. Two of the vocalists are Darlene Zschech and Jonas Myrin. Four of the guitarists are Joel Houston, Brooke Fraser, Matt Crocker and Jadwin Gillies. One of the drummers is Simon Kobler.

"I believe that God created music for the soul purpose to connect the human heart, our soul with Heaven," said Joel Houston.

Though the film was originally going to be produced by Warner Bros’ entertainment group, the group opted out in January. The movie is now distributed by Relativity Studios. The movie was financed by Greg Campbell of Cantinas Entertainment. The executive producers of the film are Phil Cooke of Cooke Pictures, Wayne Hughes Jr. and Greg Campbell.

“This movie and everything else we do, all has one purpose only, and that is pointing people to Jesus,”said Hillsong in a media statement. “This is and always will be, our priority.”