Best Buy is offering a new bundle deal which includes a free PlayStation Camera for every purchase of a PlayStation 4 console.

Aside from the camera, buyers will also receive a download voucher for Sony's PS4-exclusive "The Last of Us Remastered," Polygon reported.

According to the online retail store's website, the PS4 500GB bundle includes the DualShock 4 controller and HDMI and USB cables. Upon checkout, the PlayStation Camera will be automatically included in the consumer's cart.

The entire bundle is being offered for $399 and the free camera is originally valued at $59.99.

Sony's PlayStation Camera was designed to be used with its virtual reality headset, the Project Morpheus. But since the headset is not yet available, PlayStation users can use the camera to stream videos of their selves while playing games through the online gaming site Twitch.

Paired with Project Morpheus, the camera works by tracking the movements of the VR headset users. It can also identify which is the front and back parts of the headset which provides users optimal head movements. By tracking motion at 1,000 times per second, the PlayStation Camera and Project Morpheus can provide a very smooth VR gaming experience, according to Wareable.

Project Morpheus is expected to come out sometime during the first half of 2016.

Aside from the PS4 bundle that comes with the PlayStation Camera, Best Buy is also offering another deal concerning the 500 GB version of Sony's next-gen console.

Priced at $444.98, this bundle gives away a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership along with the PS4 system. As part of the subscription package, gamers will be able to access a year's new content from PlayStation Plus. The membership can be used with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms.

"This subscription card puts 12 months' worth of full-game trials, exclusive offers, free games, early demos and betas and much more right at your fingertips," Best Buy wrote in the bundle's description.