Classic Mobile Game ‘Snake’ Coming Back [Video]

The classic mobile phone game "Snake" is about to make a comeback with the release of "Snake Rewind."

Although it's still reminiscent of the original game, "Snake Rewind" also comes with new content and game play elements, according to NDTV.

The concept of "Snake" originated from the 1976 arcade game "Blockade." Taneli Amrmant, Nokia's design engineer, then created his version of it for mobile phones. The game then first debuted in 1997 for the Nokia 6110 device.

Back then, the game was really simple and the user only had to press four buttons on the device's keypad to direct the snake towards the fruits on the screen. As the snake grows longer after eating the fruits, the game becomes more difficult.

For "Snake Rewind," Armanto partnered with Finland-based independent game studio, Rumilus Games. The new version still contains the original's familiar game play objectives but Armanto and the studio modernized it with the inclusion of different types of fruits, power-ups, missions and control options.

In addition, "Snake Rewind" has a fruit store where players can purchase various power-ups and upgrades which they can use to complete each of the game's levels. The new game also has online leaderboards where players from around the world can compete in getting the highest score.

Also, the development studio has included a new option which allows players to rewind the snake if it crashes on the borders or on itself. In other words, the new option enables players to continue their game, Digital Trends reported.

Of course, since "Snake Rewind" is an updated version, its visual quality has been improved. The snake now moves more smoothly and the game's environment features vibrant colors.

"Snake Rewind" will be officially released on May 14, 2015. It will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

Check out the game play video for "Snake Rewind" below.

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