Harry Styles, one of the singers from British boyband One Direction revealed a traumatic love experience he had when he was a teenager in high school during the band’s concert in Oslo, Norway on Friday, June 19. Styles spoke into a black mic while telling his screaming and adoring fans to be very quiet for a few minutes so that he could share a story about how his friend stole his girlfriend from him.

“Okay, I have a friend from school in the audience tonight called Jack Robinson. I'm gonna tell you a quick little story before we do the next song. About when I was 14 years old... and Jack Robinson stole my girlfriend," said 21-year-old Styles.

Styles, who is listed as one of the Top 10 Sexiest Men by Glamour lost a girl to another man. He has in the past dated top celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner and is even the topic of Swift’s latest award-winning music album “1989” where a song entitled ‘Style’ is named after him.

Harry Sings At Chile
(Photo : Javierosh/Wikimedia/CC)
Harry Styles singing on One Direction tour in Chile on April 2014.

Niall Horan was seen strumming an electric guitar and exchanging looks with Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, his other bandmates while sitting down on stage in the background. The bandmates who still had their mics turned on, were heard chuckling. They made comments such as “I love a story!” and “Jesus Chris, Jack. That’s no way to treat your friends.”

“If he’s still here at the end of the show, feel free [to give] little kicks, little digs on the way out. Jack Robinson down there, I love you, sir," said Styles. Robinson's cheeks turned bright red as he waved his arms in protest. His friends who stood by him all pointed their fingers at him in the concert's crowd.

Styles had his signature mid-length curly light brown hair slicked back. He wore a white button up shirt and long black skinny pants. Styles accessorized his look with a silver necklace and a silver ring on his finger. His traumatic love experience in high school may be the source of inspiration of ‘Steal My Girl,’ a song on the band’s latest music album “Four.”

“She knows, she knows that I've never let her down before. She knows, she knows that I'm never gonna let another take her love from me now,” sings Styles in ‘Steal My Girl.’ “Everybody wanna steal my girl. Everybody wanna take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world. Find another one 'cause she belongs to me.”