Organizers and participants of the concert, as well as recipients of the funds from the concert, gathered for a group photograph after the concert.

A Korean Christian TV broadcasting company called CTS America hosted its fifth annual fundraising concert on Saturday, 7:30 PM at Bethel Korean Church in Irvine, CA.

A unique aspect of the concert, called, the "Hope-Giving Concert," is that all of the performers participate in the concert free of charge, allowing all of the funds to go directly to the community and mission work.

This year, funds went to more than nine different mission organizations, low-income families of seven different churches, and victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Performances by a women's choir, a string ensemble, soprano Jung-Won Choi, and others contributed to a beautiful concert.

Meanwhile, CTS also hosted a charity golf tournament on the same day at 1 PM in Irvine, during which some 100 participated. CTS plans to use the funds from the tournament as scholarships to cover tuition and housing for 12 seminary students in the mission field, supporting them $100 each on a monthly basis.

CTS is currently broadcast through all 24 hours of the day on channel 2092 on DirecTV. The broadcast can also be accessed through their website, www.ctsamerica.tv, and through the CTUSA phone application.