Derick Dillard, his wife Jill, and son Israel David are leaving the United States in an overseas missionary trip on July 2015. Derick wrote an in-depth letter explaining that their desire is for all nations to repent and to put their hope in Jesus Christ. He shared the letter in a blog post on the Dillard family website on Friday, June 26. Derick announced to the public that the choice “would undoubtedly change the trajectory of” their “lives forever.”

“We have a deep love and care for all of the world and a real passion for those in the nations, as many have even seen in the early stages of our relationship, and our hope is that all peoples of the world would come to repentance and put their hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ,” wrote 26-year-old Derick.

Derick and his 24-year-old wife Jill are newlyweds who had their son Israel David in April 2015. He wrote that he wanted to obey God’s calling before it became more difficult to leave their comfortable life behind to serve others. The Dillards informed the Duggars (’19 Kids and Counting’) of their decision earlier in 2015. Derick gave official notice to his employer Walmart that he will be quitting his job in the tax department in May.

“Ultimately, in life there is nothing more important than simply loving, following and obeying our Creator,” wrote Derick.

Derick said that when he and Jill first began their relationship, it was always their goal to glorify Jesus Christ as they serve others through Christian ministry. He said that God put a desire in their hearts to serve people overseas in a long-term missionary trip. Although they had expected the trip to happen in the near future, they are fully prepared to make the commitment.

The family came to the difficult decision of leaving everything behind “after much prayer and seeking Godly counsel.” They are looking forward to the difficult road ahead of them as an opportunity to joyfully serve God in what is expected to be “the best option” for their family. Derick closed the letter by asking the public for prayers on their journey. People can give towards the ministry on the family’s website