'Ted 2' Movie: Amanda Seyfried Thinks "Gollum" Jokes About Her Eyes Are Funny, Says Comedy Requires "Humility"

Amanda Seyfried in Magenta Dress
(Photo : Danny Harrison/Flickr/CC) Amanda Seyfriend wearing a magenta dress on June 2014.

"Ted 2" is undoubtedly filled with belly aching jokes and punchlines but one of the most memorable subjects of these funny anecdotes is Amanda Seyfried - specifically her eyes. The actress, who plays a lawyer and potential love interest of the film's lead actor Mark Walhberg, has been consistently ridiculed due to the size of her eyes. This fact eventually became a regular punchline for Seth MacFarlane in his films that featured the actress.

In "Ted 2," Seyfried was likened to Gollum which is one of the characters in "Lord of the Rings." The resemblance, according to the comedy film, lies in the size of the eyes of both characters. While this may be offensive and hurtful to other people, it appears that the actress herself is unperturbed by the comedic comparison.

"They get a laugh, I think it's funny," Seyfried says, referring to the wide-eyed Gollum jokes made at her expense, according to USA Today. With regard her resemblance to the "Lord of the Rings" character, however, Justin Long's girlfriend admits that she does not see the resemblance. She says, "I don't think I look like Gollum, but I certainly do have big eyes. People have made fun of them my whole life."

This is not the first time Seyfried's orbs became the subject of MacFarlane's jokes though. According to the "Letters to Juliet" star, the punchlines actually began during her first collaboration with the "Family Guy" writer in the film "A Million Ways To Die In The West" in 2014.

The "Mean Girls" star revealed that she and MacFarlane even had to travel all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico just to shoot one scene for the 2014 film - a scene that unsurprisingly centered on the Gollum-inspired jokes, according to The Inquistr. She also revealed that special effects were later applied to further enlarge her eyes and better put across the punchlines delivered during the peyote dream sequence in "A Million Ways To Die In The West."

As for "Ted 2," Wahlberg himself questioned MacFarlane on the jokes as he initially worried that it might offend Seyfried. He shared, "I was like, 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Is she going to cry? What's going to happen?' But she was fine."

The same sentiment was echoed by MacFarlane who admired the actress' capacity to appreciate the lines and not get too sensitive about it. The writer said, "She's a good sport. And she has gorgeous, big Garfield eyes."

Seyfried, for her part, stated that she perfectly understood the rudiments of the craft and is ready to accept things as they come. She said. "The thing about comedy is that you have to have 100 percent humility, especially if you are the straight person."

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