Filming an entire movie is quite an experience for stars and crew alike, with some of the strongest bonds forged over the production process. Months of interacting and hanging out with the same group of people will undeniably establish connections gradually, if not instantly. This was the case for Marvel's upcoming superhero flick, "Ant-Man," as the movie's director, Peyton Reed, shares how attached he became to the project.

Openly admitting that the time when Paul Rudd (Scott Lang) went to film with the cast of "Captain America: Civil" caused him to be "really envious," the director said that he became very protective of "Ant-Man" and his quirks, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"When Paul went to shoot for a couple days on Civil War, I felt really envious," revealed Reed. He added, "I felt like my girlfriend had left me and gone off with the other guy." Needless to say, the reaction of Rudd to the experience of filming alongside the likes of "Avengers" icons such as Captain America, Thor and Iron Man did not help Reed's jealousy.

Noticeably excited and thrilled due to the idea of actually working with Marvel's biggest superheroes, Rudd could not help but gush over the experience. "I went to the set of Captain America 3 and all of a sudden I'm standing next to some of the Avengers and I turned into a little kid!" the actor was quoted as saying via International Business Times. Rudd added, "And they're calling me by my character name!"

Reed confirmed Rudd's excitement, citing a conversation he had with the actor. The director revealed, "Paul called up and he was so excited." He continued to say, "He was like, 'I mean, I know I'm a superhero, we did an entire movie together. But now I'm in this other movie, and I'm like talking to Captain America, it really is sinking in. I'm a part of the Marvel Universe!' He was like a kid, it was amazing!"

For his part, Reed did his best to ensure that the characterization of "Ant-Man" in "Captain America: Civil War" will be uniform with that established in the former's standalone film. "I felt very protective about the character," revealed the director. "I was like, 'No he wouldn't say that, he would say this!' It was great. It was a great back and forth," he added, referring to his discussions with the directors of "Captain America: Civil War," Anthony and Joe Russo.

"Ant-Man" hits theaters on July 17, 2015.