Much has been said about the hilarious scenes and witty lines found in the upcoming Marvel film "Ant-Man" that people have started to believe that it's more of a comedy rather than an action film, but its director Peyton Reed says otherwise.

"I think in terms of the quotient of comedy and action, I mean, it is a Marvel movie, no question, in all the sort moments of really grounding it and finding humor in it," he told Screen Rant. "That's always been important - finding the truth in the moment and the humor in the moment, but whether you would define it as a comedy? I personally would not call it an action/comedy, it's a Marvel movie, but there are a lot of laughs in it but we're not joking it up in a way that it's like jokes, it's situations."

One of the challenges Reed faced when making the movie was making a superhero - who takes up the name of the most hardworking insect known to mankind - not appear ridiculous and match the charisma and appeal of other Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

"I don't really know that that's the situation but to me there is an underdog feeling about the movie, for me personally just for coming in as late as I did but also because it's 'Ant-Man,' and I love that because as a filmmaker you maybe tend to only get one chance to be an underdog," he shared.

He loves that moviegoers will be asking how the Pym particles work and how Ant-Man can shrink in size and wield his powers.

"The shrinking thing is one thing and kind of the most obvious Ant-Man power, but the controlling of the ants is the weirder power and kind of the one that I'm more into in a weird way, because it's like with that you have the freedom to create these situations and this sort of army of ants and see how something so small can be mobilized as an actual really formidable thing," he said.

Drawing comparison to the animated films "A Bug's Life" and "Antz," Reed said that "Ant-Man" has the same tone as to how small creatures can accomplish great things when they work together. However, the huge difference with the Marvel film starring Paul Rudd as the title character and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym is that it will not be "cutesy-poo" just like the cartoons.