Images of the rear casing of the highly anticipated iPhone 6S have appeared online.

Based on the photos, the shell of the upcoming handset appears almost similar to that of the iPhone 6 Plus but sports a few significant changes.

The images of the casing were obtained by tech site Future Supplier.

When viewing the exterior portion of the rose-gold case, one might mistake it as the rear shell of the Plus variant of Apple's current flagship device.

However, its interior reveals different mounting holes that points to the configuration of the iPhone 6S' specs.

For one, based on the placement of the screw holes, the iPhone 6S might be equipped with a different loudspeaker module. Forbes noted that the mounting points also indicate the use of the Force Touch sensor, a technology that will allow the handset to respond to various finger gestures on the screen.

The shape of the camera hole on the casing also suggests that Apple will equip its upcoming device with a 13-megapixel main shooter.

Aside from the mounting points, another major change found in the iPhone 6S's rear casing is the material it is made from. As recently leaked, and now confirmed by Future Supplier, Apple's next batch of iPhone models will be made out of 7000 series aluminum.

This material, which is alloyed mixed with zinc, is significantly more durable than traditional aluminum alloy. In other words, the casing of the iPhone 6S is a lot harder than that of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Hopefully, this design change will help the Cupertino-based tech firm avoid experiencing the same bendgate problem that plagued its previous products.

As for its other specs, it was previously reported that Apple will equip its next iPhone handset with a smaller display. Various sources mentioned that the iPhone 6S will come with a 4.7-inch display. Its Plus variant, on the other hand, will sport a 5.5-inch screen.

It is expected to be powered by either the A9 or A8X chipset. The device will pack 2GB of RAM and 128 of built-in storage. The front camera will be a 1.2-megapixel selfie snapper.

The iPhone 6S will run a 1810 mAh battery that can provide up to 14 hours of talk time. The device is expected to be unveiled to the public sometime in September of this year.

Despite the leaked images and information regarding the iPhone 6S, Apple has not yet released an official statement to clarify if these details are true.