Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) President Kevin Feige is drumming up even more hype for "Captain America: Civil War," which will be shown on May 6, 2016, saying that it's a pretty simple albeit personal story that fans will surely love.

"'Civil War' is a relatively simple story. 'Ultron' had a lot going on," he told Zap2It. "'Civil War' is a surprisingly grounded story about two characters that most audience members have come to know and like and admire finding themselves on different sides of a political argument, like the country does on many occasions, and how they both respond to that. That's the story. So it's actually a very, very simple story, and then how their personal relationships fit into that."

The main concern of Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America is how to turn the Winter Soldier back into his good friend Bucky. But this will not be an easy feat, given the amount of destruction wrought by the brainwashed Winter Soldier.

"The Winter Soldier, from most other people's point of view, is the deadliest, worst assassin of the past 70 years. So some people are like, 'Cap, you've got to let it go. He's not the guy that you used to know.' So it's a surprisingly personal story with a simple and very efficient plot that I think allows all those characters to have a presence and interact in a way that's different from other films we've made," he said.

As for Evangeline Lily's Wasp, Feige confirmed to Slash Film that she will not be appearing in "Captain America: Civil War," unfortunately.

"She was included in early versions of 'Civil War' but there are so many characters in 'Civil War' that we didn't want to do her a disservice, like she flies in, 'I've got the costume now', and she flies out," he explained.

It is okay for Ant-Man to make a cameo in "Civil War" because his story has already been established, according to Feige, but the Wasp's story needs more time to develop before she appears in other Marvel movies so they are currently working on that.

"We haven't seen her as Wasp and we don't want to rob the opportunity of seeing her in the outfit for at least almost the first time, and seeing her dynamic with Scott in a way it could play out, so we're saving it. But its going to be in Phase three for sure," Feige confirmed.