A new leak regarding the iPhone 6S revealed that its Force Touch feature will offer shortcuts when accessing the device's apps and other programs.

According to the source, this feature for the next iPhone model will be more efficient than its version for the Apple Watch.

As explained in previous reports, Force Touch is a technological concept that can provide devices with multiple control functions based on the varying pressure levels applied by fingers on the screen. Various sources have already speculated that this will be one of the central features of the upcoming iPhone handset.

In Apple's smartwatch, which served as the debut platform for Force Touch, the user still has to go through a list of control options to navigate across programs. In the upcoming iPhone 6S on the other hand, these options or extra steps will be skipped to utilize the full features of Force Touch.

"There is consistent usage of Force Touch across the operating system to shortcut actions," an insider told 9to5Mac.

For example, when using the Maps app on the iPhone model, Force Touch will instantly provide directions after tapping on a certain destination. In other words, it will no longer require users to click on certain points on the map before activating the navigation logo.

In the Music app, Force Touch will eliminate the need to click action buttons beside each track. Instead, pressing on a track will prompt a menu to appear which will provide users the option to include the song to a playlist.

Aside from its functions, the Force Touch for the next iPhone model will also have a different appearance. Due to the small size of the Apple Watch's screen, the control options for this feature are presented through a grid. For the iPhone 6S however, a circular interface around the finger will appear on the touched part of the screen.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6S and its Plus counterpart sometime in September of this year. According to Mac Rumors, the device will come with an upgraded A9 processor and pack 2GB of RAM.

The upcoming iPhone model will also sport an update rear camera configuration with a 12-megaixel sensor.

Also, based on a video posted by Unbox Therapy on YouTube, it seems Apple has reinforced the rear casing of the upcoming iPhone 6S in an attempt to avoid the same Bendgate controversy that plagued the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

According to the clip, certain points in the casing have been strengthened to prevent the device from accidentally bending. The video also showed that Apple has increased the area surrounding the Home and volume keys from 1.14mm to 1.9mm.