A major detail revealed by a benchmark test on the iPhone 6S suggests that the upcoming handset from Apple may end up disappointing users.

Based on a screenshot from Geekbench 3, the next iPhone model may only come with 1GB of RAM.

GSM Arena noted that if this is true, then the iPhone 6S will pack the same memory as its predecessor, the iPhone 6. In addition, if the iPhone 6S will come with 1GB of RAM, its Plus variant will most probably come with the same spec.

The Geekbench 3 featured the iPhone 6S running on Apple's latest iOS 9 firmware. The screenshot also revealed that the handset is being powered by the 2.0GHz A9 processor. However, the image also indicated that the device only has 989MB of memory.

This aspect could be a huge letdown for Apple fans since they are probably expecting to see a handset packed with upgraded features. Despite having an updated chipset, it seems the iPhone 6S will have the same processing speed as its predecessor.

However, various sources noted that the details provided by the screenshot may not accurately refer to the upcoming smartphone from Apple. According to GSM Arena, the image could have been edited to somehow lessen the hype surrounding the next iPhone model.

Also, as noted by BGR, it was reported earlier this week that the iPhone 6S might come with 2GB of RAM. Although this information came from a tipster and not from Apple, the rumor still suggest that the smartphone could come with better processing power.

In addition, according to Gizmodo, Apple's A9 processor is expected to be 20 percent faster and 35 percent more efficient than its predecessor, the iPhone 6's A8 chipset. Based on this, it's highly unlikely that the iPhone 6S will only come with 1GB of RAM if it will be equipped with a next-generation processor.

As for its other specs, the iPhone 6S is expected to come with a 4.7-inch display. Its Plus counterpart, on the other hand, might sport a 5.5-inch screen.

Both devices will reportedly feature a fingerprint reader and run on the iOS 9 operating system.

According to previous reports, Apple's next iPhone models will come with Force Touch technology, a feature that is rumored to change how users will interact with their devices.

These two model are expected to make their official debut on September 9 during Apple's special keynote event.