Game developers Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have just announced a high-stake contest for their upcoming game "Just Cause 3."

According to the rules of the competition, the lucky winner could end up owning his or her own real-life island.

To participate in the contest, gamers must pre-order "Just Cause 3," which is set to come out on Dec. 1 of this year. They should then open an account on Square Enix's website and link it with their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live profiles, IGN has learned.

Then, they have to collect as many Chaos Points as they can to claim the top spot in the game's leaderboard system.

In the game, Chaos Points are acquired by destroying everything in sight using a variety of weapons and means in the most creative way possible.

The player with the most number of points 90 days after the game's official release will be chosen by the developers as the winner.

"The contest will be an exercise in destruction, with participants racing to score the most Chaos Pointsby unleashing [protagonist] Rico Rodriguez's collection of guns, bombs, vehicles and his faithful grappling hook to wreak havoc all over the in-game island of Medici," Square Enix stated in a press release according to Gematsu.

"The more creative and inventive the mayhem, the more Chaos Points layers will earn, with an actual island at stake for the top-scoring winner," the company continued.

According to the developer, the island that will be awarded to the winner will be valued at $50,000. However, the studio did not disclose the exact location of the island or if it is inhabitable. Square Enix also noted that it cannot guarantee that the island can be reached by other forms of transportation such as planes.

The company stated that the details of the grand prize are subject to change depending on the contest sponsor's decisions.

But, if the winner does not want to own an island, he or she can take the $50,000 equivalent cash price instead.

"Just Cause 3," the latest installment in the "Just Cause" franchise, is set to debut later this year. It will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game can be pre-ordered through Gamestop for $59.99.

Although the game will also be released for the PC, it appears only console owners will be eligible to join the contest based on its rules and mechanics.