Polyphony Digital is looking to hire a few individuals to join its game development team.

Based on the titles of the available positions, the studio's upcoming "Gran Turismo 7" might come with various new features and improvements.

As reported by Dual Shockers, the list of jobs posted by the studio includes A.I. Engineer, Online Engineer, Game Engine Development Engineer, Game Script Engineer, Sound Development Engineer, Mobile Application Engineer and Vehicle Simulation Development Engineer.

The last position strongly hints that the new employees will work on the racing simulation game. However, probably the most interesting position featured in the list is the Mobile Application Engineer.

But, despite its title, this does not automatically mean that a port of "Gran Turismo 7" for mobile devices will be released by the studio. Instead, this could indicate that Polyphony Digital is looking to release a companion app that will work alongside the console game. Gamers can expect to see an Android and iOS versions of this app once it arrives.

Also, as noted by Attack of the Fanboy, the studio is looking for individuals who are proficient with various platforms including PC, PlayStation and mobile. But, as previously reported, "Gran Turismo 7" will be exclusively released for the PlayStation 4 console. The PC platform will most likely be used by the new employees for the game's development.

Another important detail revealed by the job posting is the company's need for an AI Engineer. This could mean that in the game, rival drivers or those controlled by the computer will demonstrate human-like driving techniques and skills.

Currently, the studio has not yet announced when "Gran Turismo 7" will be released. But, as noted by Dual Shockers, the mass hiring of various professionals means that the development of the game is ready to enter into full gear.

As previously rumored, the game will probably arrive sometime in 2016. Originally, "Gran Turismo 7" was expected to arrive in 2017. However, during an interview by Italian site SpazioGames, as translated by Gamespot, with "Gran Turismo" creator Kazunori Yamauchi, he said that 2017 might be a long time to wait for a new game from the racing series.

"People will not wait so much," he said. "We are talking about 'Gran Turismo,' we must not wait so long."

The creator also previously teased that the upcoming game will feature new car models as well as classic ones, detailed damage modeling and realistic racing physics.