New images that leaked online show off the design features of what could possibly be the successor of Microsoft's Band smartwatch.

Based on the leak, the company's rumored Band 2 will feature a curved display, according to Wareable.

Microsoft unveiled the first Band model in October of last year and equipped it with a rectangular display. As revealed in the leaked images obtained by Spanish site Microsoft Insider, the Band 2 will still come with a rectangular screen but with a curved design. This can make the wearable device conform better to the shape of the user's wrist.

It is not yet clear how big the device's screen will be but the 2014 model came with a 1.4-inch display.

The upcoming smartwatch model will also reportedly feature buttons on the side. As noted by eWeek, this can allow users to navigate easily through the device's contents instead of scrolling up or down using its touch screen function.

Another new feature that is expected to debut on the Band 2 is elevation tracking. According to various sources, this will complement the device's fitness-related features by monitoring the activity of users as they run up stairs or inclined hills.

The Band 2 will probably come with some of the features of its predecessor such as the heart rate monitor, calorie counter, sleep quality tracker and the notifications system for calls, emails, text messages and social media accounts. The upcoming device might also come in different sizes such as small, medium and large.

There are no details yet as to when the Band 2 will be unveiled but according to various sources, Microsoft might launch its latest wearable device during an event scheduled on October 6. The upcoming event is also expected to serve as the main stage for the company's new line of devices running on the latest Windows 10 platform.

However, it seems the Band 2 will not be the main attraction of the event as Microsoft might also introduce the latest member of its laptop-tablet line, the Surface Pro 4. Also, the company could also unveil its newest Windows 10-powered Lumia smartphones during the event, PC World reported.

The details regarding the Band 2, however, were not officially released by Microsoft, which means they are only classified as rumors. Also, it is not yet clear if the wearable device will be launched alongside the Surface Pro 4 and new Lumia devices as the company has not yet released details regarding the upcoming event in October.