Well-Being, and Well-Dying: Preparing for Last Stages of Life

Somang Society
(Photo : Courtesy of Somang Society) Somang Society held its 142nd awareness seminar at Junimseun Church.

Somang Society held its 142nd awareness seminar on "well-being, well-aging, and well-dying" on September 20th at Junimseun Church in Torrance, CA.

The Korean non-profit focuses on the topic of aging and dying, and spreading awareness on how to prepare for the last stage of life. Seminars such as the one that took place on the 20th are one of the ways through which Somang Society strives to spread awareness on the issue.

Some 70 people attended this recent seminar, during which the staff of Somang Society spoke on various topics including ways to prevent Alzheimer's, such as laughing more often, and certain hand gestures. They also discussed the mixture of emotions that are felt by family members and friends at the death of a loved one.

Meanwhile, Somang (which means "hope" in Korean) Society also partners with Good Neighbors USA to build clean water wells in impoverished communities internationally. One attendee anonymously gave $3,500 that she had saved up during her three years working as a waitress to the effort of building such water wells.

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