Microsoft has unveiled another discount deal for its Xbox One console.

For the entire month of October, gamers can get their hands on a brand new gaming system with 1TB of hard drive space as well as three new games including "Rare Replay," "Ori and the Blind Forest" and "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition," Engadget reported.

The Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store for $399. It can also be purchased from various retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop.

As announced through Xbox Wire, the "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition" included in the bundle features the remastered collection of the previous games from the series. It came out in August of this year with enhanced visual quality for the Xbox One console. The entire collection features a resolution of 1080p and runs at 60 frames-per-second.

The release of the "Ultimate Edition" marks the first time the former PC-exclusive "Gears of War" titles came out for the Xbox One console.

Aside from better graphics, the collection also features 19 maps, five campaign chapters and six game modes.

"Ori and the Blind Forest," on the other hand, officially came out for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms in March of this year. The game only features a single-player mode utilizes a 2D platform-adventure type of gameplay. Shortly after it was released, the game was praised by various critics due to its design, visual appeal and overall storyline.

The last title included in the bundle, "Rare Replay," is a treat for gamers because it is a compilation of 30 different games. It features titles developed by the studio Ultimate Play the Game and its successor Rare. "Rare Replay" contains games made by the studios from 1983 until 2008.

The Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle is the latest discount deal for Microsoft's next-gen console. Earlier this week, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy launched a new trade-in program that awards customers discount coupons of up to $150, according to Gotta be Mobile.

Although the vouchers can be used to purchase other Best Buy products, they can also be used to slash a brand new Xbox One console's retail price of $350 to $200.

To participate in the program, customers must turn in an old but completely working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles. If these turn out to be the Xbox 360 250GB E Series or the PlayStation 3 250GB Slim Edition, then they will receive a total of $150.