Several Apple iPhone users have discovered another bug affecting the new iOS 9 platform.

According to the users, the problem causes certain apps to appear as if they're zoomed in.

As first reported by tech site Mac Rumors, the issue seems to affect those who transferred the content from their iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S running on the latest iOS version.

Upon launching some of the bundled apps, such as Health, Calculator, Watch, Wallet and Weather, they appear to be zoomed in with clipped edges.

"I recently purchased an iPhone 6 with iOS 9 installed," one user posted on Apple Support Communities. "When I opened the Apple Wallet app, the sides of the screen are cut off like it is zoomed in. I cannot find a setting remedy."

As noted by the other users who are experiencing the same problem, resetting the device does not help in removing the bug. However, this issue can be resolved by heading over to the Settings menu and clicking on Accessibility. From there, they should turn on the Display Zoom feature.

Although this will fix the affected apps, it will also cause the other applications to be displayed in zoom mode.

Another option would be to treat the device as a new handset. This means installing all of the apps one by one and manually toggling all settings options.

Apple is already aware of the issue and has told affected users that the company is currently working on releasing a patch for the bug, Mac World reported. According to beta testers, the third beta version of the iOS 9.1 does not seem to have this issue. However, it is still not yet clear when the fix will be rolled out to the iOS 9 users.

The Display Zoom bug is the latest issue discovered by users regarding the latest version of Apple's operating system.

Last week, it was revealed that a problem with the platform prevents users from using certain apps without a Wi-Fi connection, according to Forbes. This issue is rooted in the iOS 9's feature which lets users choose which apps they can use on cellular data to minimize consumption.

However, after turning this feature on, it reverts back to its original mode. This then renders some of the apps useless unless users switch to a Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully, Apple will immediately release an update to fix all of these issues.