Major retailer Target is offering its own bundle deal on Microsoft's Xbox One console that comes with "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition" and "NBA 2K16."

The bundle is originally priced at $349.99 but gamers can get it at a discounted price through a printable coupon.

To get a 15 percent discount on the bundle, gamers must sign in to Target's online store. From there, they should click on the Offers section and select the Electronics tab, according to Slick Deals.

They'll then click on the "15% Off Microsoft Xbox One Consoles" option and select Add. The page will then display that looks like a barcode on its upper right portion. Clicking on it will prompt the Print Barcode option to appear.

Gamers will then be able to use this barcode to purchase the discounted Xbox One console at any participating Target branch. With the barcode or coupon, they'll be able to purchase the bundle for only $297.49.

Aside from the printable barcode, gamers can also get the same discount through the Carthweel app for iOS and Android devices. Searching for the term "Microsoft Xbox One" through the app will display the "15% Off Microsoft Xbox One Consoles" option. Once this has been clicked and added to the user's account, it can be scanned by a Target cashier to validate the 15 percent discount.

Target is not the only retailer that is offering, or will offer, a special Xbox One console bundle. In November, both Microsoft and Best Buy will release the Xbox One 1TB console with "Rise of the Tomb Raider." It will also come with a free copy of the game's prequel "Tomb Raider" as well as DLCs. The entire bundle will cost $399, Gamespot reported.

Walmart will also offer its own bundle deal next month featuring a white Xbox One console with 500GB of hard drive. It will come with "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition" and will cost $350.

A bundle for the upcoming "Fallout 4" is also set to arrive in November for $399. Aside from the game, it will also feature a 1TB Xbox One system and "Fallout 3" with backwards compatibility support. This bundle will be available to various retailers in the U.S.

As for this month, gamers can get their hands on the $350 500GB Xbox One bundle featuring "The Lego Movie Video Game." Also available this month is the 1TB Xbox One Console with "Ori and the Blind Forest," "Rare Replay" and "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition" for $399.