Ubisoft has confirmed that the next installment in its long-running "Far Cry" franchise is titled "Far Cry Primal."

As explained by the development studio, the upcoming game will take players into a prehistoric era where they will have to rely on primitive yet effective hunting techniques to survive.

According to Kotaku, Ubisoft first teased about its latest project earlier this week with a livestream image of a cave painting. Then, on October 6, the studio released a blog post explaining the content of "Far Cry Primal."

The studio noted through the Ubi blog that the game will take place during the Stone Age. The single-player title will follow the character Takkar, the last surviving member of his hunting group after it was ambushed.

On his own, Takkar must wonder across the land of Oros and face off against wild prehistoric animals such as wooly mammoths and sabertooth tigers. He will also encounter other humans such as rival hunters.

To survive, gamers must utilize Takkar's skills in crafting weapons and other tools from things around him such as the skin and bones of dead animals. He can then use these items to hunt animals and defeat the other hostile characters.

Aside from his spear and arrow, fire also plays a crucial role in Takkar's survival.

Like other titles from the series, "Far Cry Primal" is also set in an open-world environment. Although its Stone Age setting clearly deviates from the themes of other "Far Cry" games, the game still falls in line with the action-adventure aspect of the franchise.

Also, the series has been known for putting gamers in an exotic environment such as the Himalayas and Africa as well as incorporating animals as part of the total gameplay experience.

"The Stone Age is the perfect setting for a 'Far Cry' game," Jean-Christophe Guyot, the creative director for Ubisoft said in a statement. "'Far Cry' usually puts you at the edge of the known world, in a beautiful, lawless and savage frontier."

"The Stone Age is, in a way, the very first frontier for humankind," he added. "It's the time when humans put a stick in the ground and claimed land for their own, the time when we started climbing the food chain. That came with conflict, against other humans of course, but also against nature itself."

"Far Cry Primal" is scheduled to come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on February 23, 2016. It will arrive for the Microsoft Windows sometime in March of next year, Gamespot reported.

Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming "Far Cry" game below.