With only a couple of weeks before the official release of "WW 2K16," 2K Sports released the complete details of all the DLCs that will be released for the game.

Some of the upcoming content features legendary wrestlers such as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect and Trish Stratus as well as new wrestling moves.

The release of the DLCs will begin shortly after "WWE 2K16" debuts this month and will continue until 2016, according to Gamespot. These can be purchased separately or through a special bundle dubbed as the DLC Season Pass.

Below are the details of the upcoming DLCs as posted on 2K's website.

  •  Accelerator ($1.99) - Gamers will be able to access all of the game's unlockable contents.
  •  MyPlayer Kickstar for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ($9.99) - Gamers will gain access to attributes of the MyCareer mode and boost created Superstar ratings.
  •  Legends Pack ($8.99) - Aside from the wrestlers mentioned above, this DLC also features Bog Boss Man, Dusty Rhodes and Lita.
  •  2015 Hall of Fame Showcase ($9.99) - This DLC features playable matches with various characters.
    •  "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    •  Rikishi vs. The Rock
    •  Alundra Blayze vs. Paige
    •  Larry Zbyszko vs. Arn Anderson
    •  Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ric Flair
    •  The Bushwhackers vs. The Natural Disasters
    •  The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat
  •  New Moves Pack ($3.99) - Gamers will be able to access 30 new wrestling moves including Nikki Bella's Corner Enzuigiri, Paige's Avalanche Ram, Kevin Owen's Sidewinder Suplex, Stardust's Standing Crossface Chickenwing and Finn Balor's Dragon Sleeper.
  •  Future Stars Pack ($7.99) - Gamers will be able to play as NXT Superstars Murphy, Blake, Fernando, Diego and Samoa Joe.

As mentioned earlier, these DLCs will be available for purchase separately or through the DLC Season Pass for $24.99. Aside from this bundle, 2K Sports will also release the "WWE 2K16" Digital Deluxe Edition for the Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 consoles. This package, however, will not be available for the Xbox 360.

The Digital Deluxe Edition for the next-gen consoles will cost $89.99 while the version for the PlayStation 3 can be purchased for $79.99.

"WWE 2K16" is scheduled to come out on October 27 for the North American market. The game will feature single-player and multiplayer modes and will come with a massive character roster composed of 120 playable wrestlers. The roster, however, does not include the two versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character as these will only be available as a pre-order bonus.