According to Kevin Frank, the design director of "Halo 5: Guardians," development studio 343 Industries took a different approach creating the upcoming game to deliver a better gameplay experience to gamers.

This includes providing all of the DLC maps for free and utilizing a fair microtransactions system.

Speaking with gaming news site Gamespot, Frank explained that giving out the content updates for free is extremely beneficial for the studio. For one, it will provide all gamers access to the same content, which will allow the studio to manage various features in-game features such as match-making more easily.

"The solution was to put everyone in the same playlist," he told Gamespot. "The benefit of this is it's going to give us better match-making, because there's less buckets people have to filter through, everybody has access to the same content, it's going to give us a lot more focus on when we want to start adding things."

"So that was the biggest deal for us when were making that decision," he added.

The director also noted that handing out free DLCs is 343 Industries' way of investing in players. Instead of just providing them with the main title, giving them free content will ensure that gamers will be playing with "Halo 5" for a long time, Gamesradar reported.

Aside from the free content updates, the upcoming installment in the "Halo" franchise will also feature in-game transactions. But, Frank noted that this system will not serve as a way for some gamers to gain an unfair advantage.

In the upcoming game, players will be able to buy certain items using in-game currency called REQ points. Although these points can be purchased using real money, they can also be acquired through their performance in multiplayer matches.

Frank explained that all items in the game can either be purchased or acquired as rewards. In other words, even the microtransactions system, "Halo 5" will still have a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

"At the end of the day, it's a multiplayer game," he said. "It's not a spend-more-to-win game. We wanted to make sure that if you spend a whole tone of money, and you thought you could get five scorpions [tanks] just because you spent money, it's not going to work. You're still going to have to earn the right to call these scorpions into the battlefield."

"Halo 5: Guardians" is scheduled to come out on October 27 exclusively for the Xbox One console.