The producer of the upcoming "Street Fighter V" confirmed that for the new game, publisher Capcom will deliver a richer storyline than those featured in previous titles from the series.

This is apparently the studio's way of keeping up with the latest game's produced by its competitors such as NetherRealm, the creator of the "Mortal Kombat" franchise.

During an interview with YouTube program HipHop Gamer, game producer Matt Dahlgren noted that the upcoming game will be different from its predecessors especially in terms of its main plot.

Although the producer did not go into detail regarding the game's storyline, he noted that it will be unique. Dahlgren also hinted that the change in direction regarding the game's story was driven by the quality of titles produced by Capcom's rivals.

"I can't reveal specifics on our story, but I can say we are going to be doing things differently this time around," Dahlgren said during the interview. "We're definitely paying attention to what our competitors are doing and want to raise the bar."

"Our story content is going to be unique and different from any previous 'Street Fighter' game," he added.

As pointed out by Cinema Blend, NetherRealm and Namco, Capcom's top competitors in the fighting game genre, have went all out when it comes to the story of their games. Of course, the main attraction of these types of titles is to unleash a barrage of kicks, punches, combos and power moves to beat other characters to a pulp. But somehow, these two companies were able to make the stories of "Mortal Kombat" and "Tekken" as one of the highlights of the games.

Previous "Street Fighter" games, on the other hand, only had snippets in between matches describing the state of the characters. These didn't exactly create an immersive experience that can put players in the shoes of their chosen fighters.

Hopefully, Capcom will stay true to its word and deliver an engrossing story for "Street Fighter V."

According to Gamespot, the studio has not yet set a final release date for the upcoming fighting game. However, Capcom is hoping to release "Street Fighter V" sometime during its current fiscal year, which is scheduled to end in March of next year. Given this schedule, it's probably safe to say that the game will come out during the first quarter of 2016.

Once it's released, the game will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms.