American Missionary Murdered in Haiti, 4-Year-Old Child Kidnapped

(Photo : UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)/Wikimedia/CC) American missionary Roberta Edwards was killed by gunmen, and a 4-year-old child accompanying her was abducted.

A 55-year-old American missionary who was driving through a residential street in Port-au-Prince with three children was murdered by armed men who blocked her way and fired at her car. Two of the children escaped, while a 4-year-old child was abducted by the gunmen.

Roberta Edwards ran a SonLight Children's Home, and was an overseer for a nutrition center that provided meals for 160 children, in addition to funding their education. She took care of about 20 children at the home.

She served the centers through Tennessee-based Estes Church of Christ, and was called a "Mom" at the SonLight foster care in Haiti.

"Roberta has received her reward for her dedication to serving the Lord in Haiti. She will be missed in Haiti by her children, the community and friends. She will be missed here in the States as an encouragement and inspiration to us all. It is our intention to honor her memory by continuing the battle against Satan in Haiti and pressing on in the work of God's Kingdom," the church said in a statement.

The Haitian police is currently searching for the perpetrators of the attack.

"Investigators are working to find the killers and the kidnapped child," Haitian National Police spokesman Frantz Lerebours told the Associated Press.

Bobbie Solley, education director at Healing Hands International and Edwards' long-time friend was at SonLight guest house at the time of killing.

"She was a fabulous woman. ... Her only concern was the children of Haiti and the children she was caring for," Solley was quoted as saying by The Jackson Sun.

President of Nashville-based Healing Hands International Burt Nowers told AP over phone that Edwards had a handgun for protection, but could not defend herself at the time of fatal attack on her.

"She knew it was a dangerous place and she took precautions. It just didn't work out for her this time," he said.

Edwards was aware of the risks involved with working in Haiti, but she had "committed herself to care for children in Haiti despite these risks," according to the church's statement.

"Roberta was a light to those in the community and dedicated to bringing hope to the hopeless. She knew that she worked in a dangerous setting.

Jesse Robertson of Estes Church of Christ, said in a statement, "Roberta was remarkable. She had an unwavering love of God, her children and the people of Haiti. We are absolutely devastated by her loss."

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