Shortly after the beta event for "Star Wars Battlefront" ended, development studio EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) addressed gamers' concerns regarding the balancing issues of the game's "Walker Assault" mode.

According to the complaint of beta participants, the mode seems to favor the Imperials, which makes it hard for gamers playing for the Rebel's side to win.

As explained by Gamespot, the game's "Walker Assault" mode hosts 40 players. The objective of the Rebels is to secure two command posts on the battlefield and activate them. This will deploy Y-Wing bombers to carry out a strike on the advancing AT-ATs sent by the Empire. Other Imperial troops will then try to keep the Rebel forces from taking hold of the posts.

After trying out the mode during the game's beta event, several players noticed that it's almost impossible to win matches as Rebel forces. Matthew Everett, the community manager for DICE then confirmed that the mode has balancing issues.

Dennis Branvall, the lead multiplayer designer for the game noted that the development studio will use the feedback gathered from the beta even to improve the mode.

"Yeah, it's too tough," he tweeted. "We'll make changes based on the feedback and data. Asymmetric modes are tricky and risky but potentially awesome, that's why we want beta test help."

The studio, however, did not specify the changes it will make to the game or how it plans to fix the balancing issues. And, with "Star Wars Battlefront" only a month away from its official released, it's a bit unlikely that DICE will host another beta event for the game to test out its improvements.

This means gamers will probably get the chance to try out the improved version of "Walker Assault" only when the game comes out.

As noted by Gamerant, although the issue of the game is only a minor one, it doesn't guarantee that "Star Wars Battlefront" will be as smooth as DICE promises it to be on launch day. After all, only "Walker Assault" and "Drop Zone" were tested during the beta event.

Since the game has nine different game modes, there's no way of telling if "Walker Assault" is the only one that has balancing issues.

Hopefully, everything will be polished up by DICE before the debut of the game, which is on November 17 in North America. Once it comes out, it will be available for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.