Owners of Pebble Time smartwatches are about to get a new feature that will allow them to reply to email and text messages without taking out their smartphones.

The new feature, which involves voice commands and dictation, is expected to roll out today.

The update will arrive for the Pebble Time and its Steel variant within the next few days. The Pebble Time Round, which made its debut last month, will receive the update starting on November 8, The Verge reported.

Through the upcoming update, Android smartphone users will be able to create responses to their received messages directly from their wearable devices.

The development of the update is the result of Pebble Time's partnership with Nuance Communications, a software tech firm based in Burlington, Massachusetts. As explained in the latter's press release, pressing a button on a Pebble Time smartwatch will allow users to draft and send messages using their voice.

But aside from Android users, the two companies are also working with third-party developers to launch voice dictation apps for Apple's iOS devices. So, even with an iPhone, users will be able to take advantage of Pebble Time's newest feature.

For Kean Wong, the smartwatch-maker's vice president of software engineering, updates such as these will enable the company to further expand the functions of its devices.

"The value of a smartwatch is directly connected to its overall aesthetics, fit and intuitive functionality," the executive said in the press release. "Pebble is committed to offering not only a variety of smartwatches that blend into individual lifestyles, but also expanding the usability of Pebble smartwatches world-wide through frequent software upgrades."

"Making voice capabilities accessible to developers will help grow the Pebble app ecosystem exponentially, providing Pebble users access to more apps that are fun, intuitive and easy to use," Wong added.

Scott Taylor, Nuance's senior vice president of devices noted that adding voice capabilities to wearable devices is the next step in enhancing their overall functions. According to the executive, updates such as this will transform a smartwatch into a truly practical device.

"Voice opens up a world of possibility for wearable devices - in seconds, messages dictated by voice are sent right from the wrist with just a touch of a button," he said in a statement. "By opening the Dictation API to Pebble developers, more experiences will be delivered and consumers will be able to connect without having to look down at their device."