EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) has just announced the three newest modes that will be featured in the upcoming "Star Wars Battlefront" game.

The latest additions bump up the game's current number of modes to 11.

The first mode, dubbed "Heroes Vs. Villains," pits two teams with six players each against each other. In this mode, one team has three Heroes and three Rebel soldiers while the other one is also composed of an equal number of Villains and Imperial troopers.

Once a Villain or Hero character gets killed, the player will return to the game as an ordinary soldier for his or her team. The main objective in this mode is to kill all Heroes or Villains or survive all three rounds with the most number of major characters.

The "Battles" mode, on the other hand, lets gamers play against either human-controlled characters or AI enemies. They can customize the mode to only accommodate a 1vs1 setting or even include AI enemies fighting against each other.

Whatever type of setting they choose, the goal of gamers is to collect tokens from defeated enemies. The match will end once players are able to collect 100 points.

Gamers can also choose to play as Heroes or Villains in the "Heroes Battles" version.

Lastly, the "Training Missions" mode was designed to help gamers develop their skills for the game. For instance, the tutorial mission "Probe Droids" can teach gamers about blasters, destroying Imperial hardware and Star Cards.

Another mission, called "Beggar's Canyon" can hone gamers' abilities in flying X-Wing fighters.

The mode also features tutorials for the Imperial side such as "Overpower" which focuses on using AT-ST Walkers. "The Dark Side" mission, on the other hand, teaches players on how to utilizing all of Darth Vader's skills.

With the addition of these three, "Star Wars Battlefront" now has 11 game modes including "Walker Assault," "Fighter Squadron," "Supremacy," "Cargo," "Droid Run," "Blast," "Hero Hunt" and "Drop Zone."

It is not yet clear if this is the final list or if DICE will announce more modes for the game in the future.

"Star Wars Battlefront" will be released on November 17 for the North American market. It will be available for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Recently, the development studio announced that Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine will be featured in the upcoming game as playable characters, according to Gamespot.