Ubisoft, the developer of the upcoming "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege," revealed that the game will have a single-player mode despite heavily relying on its multiplayer features.

Although the mode "Situations" will allow solo players to enjoy the game, it is not considered as a campaign.

Instead, "Situations" features a total of 11 missions design to enhance the players' abilities and skills. Each mission also features a different operator which can allow gamers to familiarize their selves with the varying skill sets of the game's various characters, according to Gamerant.

So far, only five missions from the "Situations" mode have been unveiled by the developer. These are mainly about eliminating terrorists and extracting hostages.

The Tubular Assault mission, for example, puts players in the shoes of FBI agent Ash. The main objective in this mission is to secure a VIP jet that has been taken over by terrorists.

As Ash, gamers can use a variety of methods and tools to enter the jet and complete the objective such as using the character's breaching charge launcher. Gamers will also have access to a drone to see the exact positions of the terrorists inside the plane.

In Neutralize Cell, gamers must clear a fortified building filled with nitro cells which are designed to explode if players get too close. Playing as the operator IQ, gamers can use the character's wrist scanner to spot the exact locations of the explosives to disarm them, IGN reported.

Another mission, dubbed Improved Defense, will require gamers to protect hostages by warding off waves of terrorist. As defense specialist Kapkan, gamers must fortify their location and set-up booby traps and other means to take out the enemies to save the hostages.

The Heavily Fortified mission is about extracting a hostage hidden in the top floor of a building. But to get there, players have to face corridors and rooms packed with nitro cells and terrorists wearing bomb vests.

To get past the explosive devices, gamers can use the character Thatcher's EMP grenade to disable their detonators. But, after rescuing the hostage, they have to make a safe escape while being hunted down by the enemy's reinforcements.

The last mission, called Cold Zero, features Spetsnaz sniper Glaz. Using the character's silenced rifle, players must taken out terrorists equipped with bombs who are guarding a hostage.

After securing the hostage, they can rely on a pistol and smoke grenades to evade the remaining enemy forces.

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" is scheduled to come out on December 1 for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.