Gamers looking to destroy the virtual world of "Grand Theft Auto V" can do so by playing as the Marvel character Hulk through a special mod.

The debut of Bruce Banner's alter-ego in the game is the latest Marvel superhero to appear in "GTA V."

Developed by modder JulioNIB, the Hulk script mod for the PC version of "GTA V" lets gamers transform their characters into the purple shorts-wearing green monster. As the Hulk, they can then go on a rampage in the city of Los Santos and literally destroy everything they see, Gamerant reported.

The level of destruction featured in the mod is so incredibly detailed that gamers will surely have a blast playing the game as the Hulk. In the gameplay video posted by JulioNIB on YouTube, which also features the download link for the mod, the human character transforms into the Marvel monster and jumps across the street to destroy nearby cars with the powerful shockwave produced by the impact of his landing.

He then runs along the sidewalk trampling pedestrians and even sending them flying across the street. Like the comic book character, the Hulk in "GTA V" can also destroy cars just by crashing into them. He can even pickup vehicles and throw them to wreck other cars. The vehicles even turn transparent once Hulk picks them up so gamers can see their targets. The Hulk can also pick up people and lampposts to use as weapons.

The clip ends with the Hulk destroying a train a trying to knock down a police helicopter filled with snipers.

The radioactive monster is not the first Marvel character to grace Los Santos. Earlier in July, JulioNIB also created an Iron Man mod which lets gamers take on "GTA V" wearing Tony Stark's Mark III armor, according to Gamespot.

As Iron Man, gamers can walk, run, or even fly across the city. They can also use the character's special abilities such as enhanced strength and laser blasts to destroy everything around them.

Then, in August, JulioNIB released another mod for Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor. Like the two other mods, this one is also all about destroying the city but as powerful walking tank.

Maybe through these mods, gamers will find a way to recreate the battle scene in the film "Avengers: Age of Ultron" featuring the showdown between the Hulk and Iron Man in his Hulbuster suit.

Check out the video featuring the Hulk mod by JulioNIB in the video below.