Shonda Rhimes continues to take over ABC as the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator teams up with Betsy Beers to become executive producers for the new ‘Romeo and Juliet’ sequel. They are also set to work with one of the medical drama’s producers, Heather Mitchell, who has also written for Rhimes’ ‘Scandal.’

Inspired by Melinda Taub’s book ‘Still Star-Crossed,’ the new drama will draw attention to the quarrels between the Capulets and Montagues, the families of Romeo and Juliet, which come up after the lovers’ deaths.

According to Vanity Fair, the tagline of the novel is, “Will love live on?” which suggests that there will be more war-related troubles to be expected. The book focuses on the political marriage between Romeo’s cousin Benvolio, and Rosaline, the girl who Romeo was infatuated with before crossing paths with Juliet.

Benvolio takes on a more peaceful approach and is not one to fight. The play concluded with an agreement that certain people will be pardoned while others will be punished accordingly.

Rhimes has already brought on gripping episodes from her shows ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder.’ ABC will then be introducing another drama, directed by Rhimes herself, when ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ is replaced with The Catch during the midseason.

This past summer, a teaser for the series creator’s Thursday night shows was recently unveiled online, catching the interest of all three programs’ viewers.

The video started with a voiceover that teased viewers with what they can expect from #TGIT, more known as 'Thank God It's Thursday.' Additionally, the names of the lead female actresses featured in each program were highlighted.

According to the clip, these shows are known for drawing attention to intense and gripping scenes that leave viewers genuinely interested from the beginning until the end.

The teaser also described 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal' and 'How to Get Away With Murder' as programs where they unfold "jaw-dropping scenes that make tweeting a must."

Meanwhile, Rhimes' new show, 'The Catch,' is centered on the successful Alice Martin, played by Mirelle Enos. Working as a fraud investigator, Enos' character is about to become the victim of fraud by her own fiance, played by Damon Dayoub.

Between her cases, Alice is committed to finding him before his next move destroys her career. Rhimes is set to executive produce along with Jennifer Schuur, Betsy Beers and Julie Anne Robinson.

Jacky Ido, Jay Hayden, Elvy Yost, Alimi Ballard, Rose Rollins and Bethany Joy Lenz have also signed on to the new series.