EA Digital Illusions CE has been very open regarding the gameplay details of its "Star Wars Battlefront" game.

Recently, the development studio made another revelation that will surely entice fans of the "Star Wars" film series to play the upcoming shooter.

According to Bjorn Sundell, the senior designer of the game, aside from taking on the role of "Star Wars" Heroes and Villains, gamers will also be able to experience flying around in their ships. As explained in the game's official website, the "Fighter Squadron" mode of "Star Wars Battlefront" will let gamers pilot Han Solo's Millennium Falcon or the iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett's Slave I.

Sundell noted that these two ships were specifically added to excite gamers. He said that the studio wanted to replicate the feeling people get whenever they see these ships in the old "Star Wars" films.

"One crucial thing to nail when designing the Hero Vehicles is to make players feel truly cool, powerful, and heroic when piloting them," Sundell said in a statement. "This goes for both the visuals and feel."

"Playing 'Star Wars Battlefront,' you should get the same feeling that you get when you see the Millennium Falcon swooping by and taking out TIE Fighters in the movies," he added.

DICE explained that gamers will be able to unlock these ships through power-ups scattered in the battlefield. After picking up a Hero power-up, they'll be able to fly around in the Slave I or Millennium Falcon for a limited time or until they get shot down, according to Cinemablend.

However, Sundell warned that gamers should be careful when hopping aboard these ships. He and the other developers noticed that during gameplay tests, gamers who were flying in regular Imperial or Rebel starships felt proud whenever they were able to take down the Slave I or the Millennium Falcon.

"Don't be surprised if you suddenly spot multiple foes at your tail when piloting these ships," he said. "During playtests we've noticed how excited players get to be the one taking down the Millennium Falcon or Slave I. You should always keep both offence and defense in mind."

Sundell also noted that if gamer find themselves being hunted down by these Hero vehicles, they can dive towards the map's surface and use the crevices to lose the Slave I or Millennium Falcon. Since these are bigger than the regular starships, they won't be able to fit in tight spaces.

"Star Wars Battlefront" will come out on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms.