"Fallout 4" is all set to debut in less than two weeks but developer Bethesda is still trying to keep major details of the game under wraps.

But recently, various sources reported that the control manual for the upcoming game has been leaked.

According to Gamezone, the control options detailed in the manual, which was revealed through an Imgur image, are for the Xbox One version of the game.

As shown in the image, pressing on the Xbox One controller's right trigger will execute an attack while the left trigger is for aiming or blocking.

On the other hand, holding the controller's left bumper will bring up the VATs screen, which allows gamers to target a specific body part of an enemy to maximize the attack's damage points.

The right bumper can be used for bashing or a power attack. But holding it for an extended period of time will allow players to throw a grenade.

Players can also bring up information about their character and surroundings through the Pipboy button or the Y key.

These are some of the advanced options detailed in the manual for the game. Others are pretty basic such as moving, sprinting, jumping, sneaking around and reloading the weapon.

As noted by Cinemablend, it seems Bethesda has exerted extra effort in delivering a better gameplay experience for the upcoming "Fallout 4" game. Based on the leaked manual, gamers will no longer have to bring up their inventory list to choose specific items, such as grenades, to use them unlike in previous "Fallout" titles. Instead, special buttons have already been designated for certain actions.

With these changes, players will surely be able to react faster in a firefight or when confronted by enemy forces in the game.

However, it is not yet clear if the leaked control manual was released by Bethesda or if it really is for the final version of "Fallout 4" for the Xbox One. But, as noted by the Imgur user who uploaded the image, the manual was originally posted on the Xbox One Smartglass app. The user also said that the control scheme for the game's PlayStation 4 version can also be identified with the help of this manual.

The latest installment in the "Fallout" video game series is scheduled to come out in various regions on November 10. Aside from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, the upcoming game will also be available for the Microsoft Windows platform.